‘The Idol’ Review : Jocelyn’s Journey Overcoming Scandal And Finding

In the captivating premiere of ‘The Idol,’ aspiring pop sensation Jocelyn, portrayed by the talented Lily-Rose Depp, faces the fallout from a major scandal while striving to make a triumphant comeback. Amidst the chaos, she encounters Tedros, played by the intriguing artist The Weekends, setting off a chain of events that will change her life forever. Watch this article The Idol Reviews article Jocelyn’s Journey.

'The Idol' Review : Jocelyn's Journey Overcoming Scandal And Finding

Jocelyn’s entourage, led by portrayed by Troyes Sivan, is very concerned for her well-being as they embark on a daring and provocative photo shoot. Worries about Jocelyn’s mental health loom over the team, and Nikki (played by Jane Adams), the head of her record label executive, audaciously remarking that “Mental illness is sexy.”During the shoot, a problem arises with the extent of nudity involved. Jocelyn assures her team that she doesn’t feel coerced into exposing more of herself than she’d like.

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A scandal is uncovered: The leaked photo and its consequences

In the midst of the salacious photo session, a shocking revelation occurs. Jocelyn’s team discovers that an explicit photo featuring her has been leaked to the public, causing a frenzy among those around her entourage. As concerns begin to escalate about the potential impact on Jocelyn’s career and their own, they fail to inform her directly about the situation. Jocelyn’s publicist, played by Dan Levy, casually mentions that she has become the top topic on Twitter, suggesting that it may not be as damaging as feared.

Suspicion arises when Jocelyn begins looking for her phone, and her best friend Leia (portrayed by Rachel Sennott) tries to divert her attention, fueling Jocelyn’s curiosity about the hidden truth.

'The Idol' Review : Jocelyn's Journey Overcoming Scandal And Finding

The intrigue of a reporter: Vanity Fair Enters the Picture

Hari Nef portrays a Vanity Fair journalist seeking an interview with Jocelyn. As the crisis escalates, the journalist observes Jocelyn during a dance rehearsal. The irony remains that Jocelyn knows nothing of the scandal that surrounds her.

Escaping the chaos: A chance encounter with Tedros

Seeking solace from the erupting scandal, Jocelyn finds herself in a club where she unexpectedly meets Tedros, played by the mesmerizing artist The Weekend. Instantly captivated by him, and steals a passionate moment from him in a stairwell. Later, when Leia nearly discovers her, Jocelyn and Tedros have a conversation about her career. Tedros claims that she should be having more fun, emphasizing that she has the “best job in the world”

Confronting Scandal: The Interview with Vanity Fair

The next day, Jocelyn sits down with the Vanity Fair writer for an interview, that blurs the lines between on and off the record blur. Amid the tension, the unspoken topic hangs in the air – the photo scandal that continues to tarnish Jocelyn’s reputation.

Tedros’s Intrigue: An Unexpected Twist

During an evening visit to Jocelyn’s house, Tedros exhibits a curious interest in her surroundings and notices a surveillance camera. Inside her music studio, Jocelyn plays him a very personal song she recorded after her mother’s death. Although he expresses his appreciation, Tedros expresses a “little” criticism: “I don’t believe you. If you going to sing a song called ‘I’m A Freak,’ you should sing it like you know how to express yourself passionately.”

Jocelyn’s Struggle Amidst a Scandal

In the highly anticipated premiere of ‘The Idol,’ rising star Jocelyn witnessed a tumultuous journey as she dealt with a photo scandal and tried to regain her footing in the music industry. Amidst the chaos, she encounters Tedros, a captivating presence that would change the course of her life.

'The Idol' Review : Jocelyn's Journey Overcoming Scandal And Finding

1.Jocelyn’s Daring Photo Shoot and Concerns for her Well-being

During a seductive photo shoot, Jocelyn, portrayed by Lily-Rose Depp, confidently poses confidently for the camera. However, her team, which includes Xander, played by Troye Sivan, is worried about her well-being, especially given the challenges she’s been facing lately. Jocelyn’s record label boss Nikki, portrayed by Jane Adams, controversially states, “Mental illness is sexy,” underscoring the industry’s tendency to exploit vulnerabilities.

2.Unveiling the Photo Scandal and Team’s Reaction

As the photo shoot progresses, a situation arises regarding nudity requirements. The team realizes that changes are necessary if Jocelyn is to show more skin. Despite their concerns, Jocelyn affirms that she does not feel pressured to show nudity.
During filming, a disturbing discovery is made- leaked photos show Jocelyn with an unwanted substance on her face. While her team panics about the possible consequences for Jocelyn’s career, they fail to inform her directly. Jocelyn’s publicist, portrayed by Dan Levy, notes that she has become the number one trending topic on Twitter, suggesting that the situation may not be all bad.

3.Jocelyn’s growing distrust and unexpected encounter with Tedros

Jocelyn goes in search of her phone, which leads her to suspect that something is wrong when her best friend Leia, portrayed by Rachel Sennott, tries to divert her attention. As the tension escalates, a journalist from Vanity Fair, played by Hari Nef, shows up and expresses interest in interviewing Jocelyn. The journalist observes Jocelyn at a dance rehearsal, further fueling the crisis. Remarkably, Jocelyn is unaware of the photo scandal, while everyone else knows about it before her.
To temporarily escape the chaos, Jocelyn decides to visit a club. There she meets Tedros, who is portrayed by The Weekends. He immediately captivates her and they have a passionate encounter in a stairwell. When she almost gets caught by Leia, Jocelyn and Tedros talk about her career. Tedros urges her to enjoy the pleasure of her profession.

4.Confrontation with the Vanity Fair interview and the ongoing scandal

The next day, Jocelyn meets with the author of Vanity Fair for an interview, during which there is a series of recorded and unrecorded conversations. Throughout the conversation, the photo scandal remains the dominant topic, leading to an underlying tension between the two.
Later that evening, Tedros visits Jocelyn at her home. While waiting for her, he curiously explores her surroundings and notices a security camera. Eventually, they find themselves in Jocelyn’s music studio, where she shares a deeply personal song she recorded after her mother’s death.
Tedros, however, gives her with a critical feedback, suggesting that her performance lacks authenticity in her performance. Jocelyn challenges his assumption, which leads to a heated exchange. Tedros believes that Jocelyn is caught up in her own thoughts and advises her to block out the world. Jocelyn is fascinated by his view and falls more and more under Tedros’ influence.



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